Experiential Learning

Experiential learning offers our students exposure to a world of hands-on opportunities that enrich academic life and help them grow into confident leaders, critical thinkers, and expert problem solvers.

The NSU Shepard Broad College of Law Fellowship Program

The NSU Shepard Broad College of Law Fellowship Program is a structured internship fusing leadership, scholarship, and experiential learning. Students who have demonstrated interest and skill in social science and civics will interact with the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law, attend classes and workshops, participate in moot court cases, and receive an overview of specialized areas within law. Law Fellows will get hands-on experience in legal research and writing, critical thinking, and be mentored by supervising attorneys and Juris Doctor candidates.

Passion and Proficiency Projects

Students with high academic, creative, or athletic capabilities, skills, or talents are given opportunities to investigate and develop their passion through special projects. They are also able to participate in activities relating to those specific areas of interest. This introductory project is designed to give students a glimpse into areas of future study through conversations with field experts, special readings, and/or shadow experiences. Students are also encouraged to pursue passions with their teachers as part of the in-class differentiated instruction process.

Immersion Projects

Students are given the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities with field experts that are related to each student's specific area of interest. This program is designed for students who wish to explore a specific career path and are interested in gaining more detailed knowledge of that particular field of study.

The Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine (KPCOM)/NSU University School Fellowship

The Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine (KPCOM)/NSU University School Fellowship provides juniors and seniors with the opportunity to interact with NSU medical professionals and explore an array of health professions such as dentistry, optometry, nursing, pharmacy, and audiology. Students selected for this fellowship undergo a rigorous selection process comprised of an online application, essay, and formal interview, and must also demonstrate excellence in advanced level science classes and have a passion for health care. Students study alongside NSU graduate students, gaining clinical, hands-on experience as they approach the field of medicine with compassion and empathy.

The DWC Fellowship Program

The NSU DWC Fellowship Program is a structured internship fusing leadership, scholarship, and experiential learning. Students who have demonstrated interest and skill in communications will interact with the NSU College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Department of Writing and Communication (CAHSS/DWC), NSU Office of Student Media, and the NSU Lifelong Learning Center. DWC Fellows will have access to NSU’s student-run TV station (SUTV), radio station (RadioX), newspaper (The Current) as they explore the fields of journalism, broadcasting, and communications and get hands-on experience in interviewing, feature writing, and radio and film production.

The NSU Emerging Technologies Internship Program

The NSU Emerging Technologies Internship program will connect students to innovative medical and patient-specific applications of 3D printing/scanning, virtual reality, and digital devices. Student interns will work with the Emerging Technologies Librarian and collaborate with NSU Health Professions Division (HPD) students, faculty, and staff on short-term and long-term projects using the Martin & Gail Press HPD Library's IDEA Labs resources.

VISTA Worldlink/NSU University School TV Production Internship

Through this internship, students who are interested in gaining real-world experience in TV Production have the opportunity to learn about the different roles within the field of TV production, how digital media is archived and curated, and how to work with raw television feeds. VISTA Worldlink is a global leader in transmission and production services provisioning cutting edge creative, emerging, and production packages.

The Shark Capstone Experience

The Shark Capstone Experience gives all 12th grade students the chance to pursue a passion or broaden a curiosity of their choosing. They will gain the experience of planning, implementing, documenting, evaluating, and presenting a project of their own design to prepare them for the world outside of high school. Not only will students learn about a project topic, but they will also learn how to solve real-life problems, how to deal with people, how to recover from setbacks, and how to present their accomplishments. The experience culminates with a formal presentation where they share the process and outcome of their project.

Independent Research Study

This curriculum-based program is a two-year, advanced level, one-credit per year course designed to assist students in the planning, execution, interpretation, and presentation of an in-depth qualitative or quantitative research project. Students who participate in this program, will work closely with an NSU University School research teacher, an NSU research professor, and a field expert to implement an independent research project that will affect change locally and globally.

Innovation Lab

In our Innovation Labs, students have time to participate in hands-on research using Legos, Ardruino boards, modeling, tinkering, coding, robotics, and many other inquiry-based learning projects. Students engage in an abundance of innovative and engaging hands-on learning activities related to a given theme. These labs provide the student body an environment to play, research, create, and reflect. Students in innovation labs may spend a week, month, or year working on an independent project.