Middle School: 6th-8th

Here in NSU University School’s Middle School, you will not find quiet hallways and silent classrooms. Instead, you will find classrooms, hallways, art spaces, sports fields, science labs, and the stage all bustling with student activity, the exchange of ideas, and students doing what they do best in these middle school years; learning by doing, experimenting, and communicating.

Our cutting-edge academic program empowers students to pursue knowledge, big ideas, and questions. Dedicated faculty use a variety of instructional strategies to foster curiosity, exploration, and creativity. Harkness discussions take place regularly in English and social studies classes while the Modeling Method is used to engage students in science and other academic areas. NSU University School teachers understand that every child learns in his or her own way, so they continually seek to differentiatie instruction in order to reach every learner. They know that a "one size fits all" education never really fits.

During Middle School, we encourage our students to maintain their curiosity and creativity while stretching their self-confidence and self-advocacy. Students take the time to explore new electives, try interscholastic sports, and perform on or behind the stage for one of our unbelievable theatrical performances. These new opportunities help to broaden their horizons and help them discover their passion.

Our ultimate goal is that students will leave Middle School as critical thinkers, independent and lifelong learners, strong communicators, healthy risk takers, and good global citizens.

Faculty Highlight

Ms. Hong Jia

Middle School Chinese teacher Ms. Hong Jia has taught at NSU University School for 14 years and has not only helped our students learn about Chinese language, history, and culture, but also develop an appreciation for all nationalities. As an advisor for the Middle School Diversity Club, she encourages students in grades 6-8 to recognize and celebrate the rich diversity in our school.

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Middle School News

Maria Taravella

Middle School teacher Maria Taravella has devoted 45 years of her life to inspiring a passion and appreciation for the Spanish language and culture in students, developing their global citizenship and intercultural understanding. Taravella has felt a strong love for teaching for as long as she can remember. Eager to have a classroom and students of her own, she arranged a large blackboard and desks in the basement of her home where she instructed imaginary students at the age of eight. The encouragement and mentorship she received from passionate educators, including her aunt, as she navigated her way through school drove her to follow her dream of becoming a teacher. 

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Jonathan Moreno

Longtime Spanish teacher Jonathan Moreno has been making a difference in the lives of students at NSU University School for the past 14 years, helping Lower School students achieve language proficiency while gaining an appreciation for the Hispanic culture. His passion for education extends beyond foreign language and includes a universal form of expression – music. He shares this love with his students by integrating music and art into his lessons, making them more engaging and improving students’ attitude when learning another language.  

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Micaile Smith

From leading a class of imaginary students as a child to now having 20 years of experience in the education space, Micaile Smith knew from a young age that she was called to teach. Her love for children and helping them learn was evident as she was growing up, which led her to pursue a career in teaching. As a Middle School science teacher, Smith instills a love of learning in her students by helping them connect the material to their own lives and by creating a safe and comfortable environment. This way, students are interested and motivated to learn more, apply their understandings, and give their best effort.  

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USchool Students Donate Items for Pets in Need

Our schoolwide Pet Supply Drive was a success! Thank you to all those who generously donated items for animals in need at the Humane Society of Broward County. Students in our Upper School Paws with a Cause Club delivered two carloads of items, which will help feed and care for countless animals at the shelter until they are found good homes. We love to see our students at all grade levels work together to give back to the community!

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Associate Head of Academic Affairs Robyn Kaiyal Completes the 2019 National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy

Congratulations to Associate Head of Academic Affairs Robyn Kaiyal for completing the 2019 National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy (NIXLA) – an online strategic diversity leadership development and institutional transformation program. The immersive, highly selective five-week program offered Kaiyal an invaluable opportunity to further develop her skills as a leader and identify powerful institutional strategies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion at NSU University School.

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Ms. Alicia Anania

Middle School instructor Alicia Anania has been teaching science at NSU University School (USchool) for the past five years. Originally from Connecticut, Anania moved to Florida about eight years ago and obtained her bachelor’s degree in marine science from Nova Southeastern University (NSU).  

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Middle School Diversity Club Hosts Annual Diversity Assembly

The Middle School Diversity Club hosted its annual Diversity Assembly in the AutoNation Center for the Arts. Students and even some teachers presented dances, song, skits, performances, and readings celebrating the diverse cultures and nations represented at USchool and around the world. This year's theme, "Love Has No Boundaries," focused on appreciating love for humankind.

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