Student Academic Services (SAS)

NSU University School provides specialized and individualized academic support services for students in grades JK-12 to help them reach their maximum academic potential. The goal of the program is to develop lifelong learners who know how to identify and make use of resources to help them achieve personal goals they set for themselves, both in and out of school.

Skills Targeted

SAS teachers help students become aware of how they learn best and teach students a repertoire of techniques to become strategic learners. They provide direct instruction on strategies that work to improve executive functioning skills including:

  • Study skills (organizing information, memory strategies etc.)
  • Test and note taking skills
  • Managing materials
  • Time management
  • Work efficiency
  • Focus and motivation

who needs SAS?

The bullets below identify just a few of the reasons why your child may need Academic Success Services:

  • To improve grades and/or academic performance
  • Difficulty with memory
  • Needs targeted assistance with reading and comprehending texts
  • Having trouble completing tests in the allotted time
  • Spending many hours studying but still not "getting it”
  • Not enough time to get everything done
  • Not sure how to take notes or study effectively
  • Having problem planning, initiating and/or completing a task

A Typical Day

SAS teachers work closely and collaboratively with content area teachers and guidance staff to help maximize a student’s learning performance. In addition to direct instruction of strategies during the academic day, we provide:

  • After school assistance in our Homework and Study Center
  • Occupational therapy and psychological consultative services
  • Summer supplemental programming options
  • Peer tutoring
  • Assistance with accommodations
  • Instruction to students learning English as a second language

Types of SAS Programs Available

The Learning Center (TLC)

The Learning Center (TLC) is a fee-based program available to students in NSU University School's Lower School. TLC teachers are experienced in teaching students who benefit from an added layer of support in reading, math, and/or writing. TLC provides students with a double-dose of instruction in the academic area of need, using research-verified instructional strategies in a small group setting. Students receive their initial instruction with their classroom teacher and then receive a second dose of instruction from their TLC teacher in lieu of independent seat work. TLC teachers collaborate with the classroom teacher to share details of student performance and to determine which skills need additional instruction. TLC teachers keep records of progress and communicate that information to parents and classroom teachers.

Participation in TLC can be short-term or long-term based upon individual needs. The cost for TLC services vary based on the number of sessions needed. Please call 954-262-4506 for more information.

Academic Success Coaching

The purpose of Academic Success Coaching is to extend SAS services to students in grades 6-12 who may benefit from an abbreviated, shorter term (one semester) delivery of services currently offered by the SASS department.

The program is designed to assist students who are not achieving academic success due to their lack of time management and organizational skills. These may be students who are not turning assignments in on time, not fully utilizing the formative process, and/or lack an organized system to manage materials. These students may not require the full realm of services of a traditional “SAS student” because they are able to maintain satisfactory grades and achieve consistent mastery on formative assessments; however, performance is not commensurate with academic potential. The goal of this program is to provide students not performing to their academic potential due to a deficiency in executive function skills, with short-term (one semester) support to address their deficiencies in order to reach their academic potentials.

Teachers and/or parents can request services through their child’s guidance counselor. A SAS teacher will then be assigned to a student. They will meet with the student during an agreed upon time (before/after school, lunch or break) approximately 10 minutes each school day.

SAS teachers will:

  • Create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for each student by setting goals and devising an action plan based upon individual student needs.
  • Monitor student progress toward goals.
  • Assist students with monitoring My Backpack for missing assignments and assignments completed but not mastered, on a daily basis.
  • Maintain communication with parents with regard to student progress and needs.
  • Teach organization and time management strategies.

SAS teachers will not:

  • Re-teach content material.
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to address student needs.
  • Monitor accommodations.
  • Provide in-class support.
  • Teach the full range of executive skills offered in the traditional SASS program.

If students require additional support after one semester, they will be referred for enrollment in the full-time SAS program.

Workshops and Summer Programs

The SAS Department hosts a number of classes and workshops throughout the year to give students in grades 5-12 the tools they need to achieve academic success throughout the school year. They also put together classes and workshops throughout the summer.

Please call 954-262-4431 or email for more information about workshops and summer classes.


The BRIDGES Program at NSU University School is an innovative, personalized, and technologically rich educational experience for students in grades 1-5 who have mild-to-moderate learning disabilities and average-to-gifted intelligence. Unique to this intervention program, students benefit from the academic excellence and social environment of NSU University School and the educational support and services of Nova Southeastern University.

For more information about BRIDGES, please click here.

International Student Programs

Many international students in Junior Kindergarten through grade 12 have made their mark at NSU University School. We offer a variety of programs that help international families and students successfully adjust to our school community and culture and excel in college and beyond. Families seeking international admission to our school should click here for more information or call 954-262-4506.