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At NSU University School, technology is a tool to acquire knowledge, practice skills, problem-solve, demonstrate, communicate understanding, and explore learning in new ways. Technology is seamlessly integrated into all academic programs. This approach begins in our Preschool, where our youngest students benefit from academic classes that utilize technology to differentiate instruction by skill level and modalities. Our classrooms and science and innovation labs employ tools like iPads, MacBooks, augmented and virtual reality tools, interactive whiteboards, digital/video cameras, and 3-D printers to provide a strong foundation in design thinking and engineering. Students hone their STEM skills through the use of Snap Circuits, TinkerCAD, Dash & Dot, LEGO, Augmented and Virtual Reality programs, LittleBits, and much more.

Beginning in third grade and continuing through high school, students are required to bring their own personal device to school. They will use their devices to access information, manipulate data, facilitate collaboration, synthesize ideas, create content, and access our online learning management portal. The use of technology empowers them to be active participants in their learning. Students create sophisticated presentations using the latest video software, build working robots with technology scraps and circuits, and even design prosthetics using VEX Robotics. They build apps with their knowledge of coding and learn how the musculoskeletal system works through virtual and augmented reality technology.

Technology is an essential part of a student’s life at NSU University School and is integrated throughout the curriculum to further support our students’ path to digital responsibility and global citizenship and prepare them to succeed in the 21st century.