Athletic Snapshot

Student-Athlete College Matriculation

NSU University School student-athletes participate in signing day each year and matriculate to the nations finest colleges and universities.

Athletics at NSU University School

Athletic competition is a powerful educational experience that promotes the development of leadership, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and commitment to a team. Our student-athletes are coached to work hard toward collective goals, to strengthen their individual skills, and to persevere when confronted by challenges.


  • Provide a range of opportunities for students to compete in the sport of their choice
  • Help our student-athletes reach their team and individual athletic goals
  • Encourage levels of excellence that match our expectations in the classroom
  • Instill appreciation of commitment to team, school, and fitness
  • Teach skills, self-discipline, cooperation, respect, and commitment to shared goals
  • Support positive self-image and confidence gained through athletic participation

  • We encourage our student-athletes to embrace challenge, overcome obstacles, think creatively, cherish loyalty and, most importantly, to compete with enthusiasm. Our student-athletes are expected to play with determination, compete fairly, and respect the efforts of their opponents.

    In Middle School, athletic programs emphasize skill development, sportsmanship, cooperation, and competitive spirit. Student-athletes are encouraged to take risks in practice and interscholastic competition in order to develop greater technical skills and discipline in their sport. Sports teams are organized by athletic ability to ensure appropriate development and challenge. With each year, the program builds momentum towards the more demanding and competitive program in the Upper School.

    The Upper School's athletic mission is to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to develop physical tools, technical skills, and mental stamina to compete to the best of their ability as individuals and as members of a team. To accomplish this mission, USchool is committed to providing a dedicated, knowledgeable, inspiring coaching staff as well as top-notch athletic facilities.

    As an extension of the classroom, USchool student-athletes engage fully and strive for excellence. Athletic achievement is gauged both individually and collectively, taking into account outcome of games, sportsmanship, continued improvement, and leadership of participants. Student-athletes are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment and perseverance that serves as the foundation of any successful athletic program.

    Sharks Athletic Teams

    USchool fields 17 varsity teams in 13 different sports, involving more than 600 student-athletes.

    Athletic Highlights

    5-Star Feature: Vernon Carey Jr - NSU University School Forward - Sports Stars of Tomorrow

    Our very own Vernon Carey Jr. was recently featured on Sports Stars Of Tomorrow. This piece highlights his journey on the court over the years as well as the growth of NSU University School's Varsity Basketball program, which has earned a national spotlight.

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    Varsity Boys Basketball Team Recognized by NSU president for state championship win

    The NSU University School Varsity Boys Basketball team was honored with their championship rings by Head of School Dr. William Kopas and Nova Southeastern University President Dr. George Hanbury for finishing the 2018 season with a 35-2 record and making school history by winning their first 5A State Championship!

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