Diversity & Inclusion

NSU University School welcomes students and faculty who represent cultures and traditions from all over the world. We understand that a diverse campus not only enriches the educational experience, but also turns students into global-minded citizens and leaders.

Commitment to Diversity

Our school is committed to educating students to be citizens in a diverse and inclusive global community. With a focus on social-emotional learning, our students develop empathy, a respect for and an understanding of those with different backgrounds and perspectives, while also learning to advocate for themselves and others.

A Community of Individuals

At USchool, we work together to build an environment that welcomes, values, and respects every member of our community regardless of age, ability, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background. Our students come to us from across the nation and from around the world, bringing a diversity of perspectives to classroom discussions and student life.

Culture and Identity Clubs

NSU University School has more than 50 clubs, many of which were created to celebrate the differences within our community.

Diversity Statement

An essential benefit of NSU University School’s program is academic excellence, balancing both high standards of scholarship and the encouragement of each child to develop to his or her greatest potential.

At NSU University School, diversity is valued, differing personal qualities, talents, and learning styles are appreciated, and the lives of all are enriched by shared experiences. We believe that a diverse community is a necessary component of an excellent education.