Madison Davis

Class of 2022 valedictorian Madison Davis is a NSU University School lifer who experienced all USchool has to offer over the past 14 years. Having started in pre-kindergarten, Madison had the opportunity to grow alongside fellow lifers and navigate school together, forming lifelong connections with friends whom she now considers family. 

Madison discovered her love of learning and STEM in the Lower School and became involved in a range of academic and extracurricular programs. In fourth grade, she began participating in math competitions and continued to pursue her interests in STEM throughout her Middle and Upper School years. As a senior, Madison served as co-captain of the Math Team, president of the STEM Club, co-president of the Science Bowl, co-secretary general of Model UN, and co-captain of the Varsity Girls Swimming Team. 

Inspired by her teachers and their influence, Madison founded the Spark in U Club to connect student coaches with students who need help managing schoolwork and navigating the complexities of school. Through tutoring, she has impacted the lives of students not only at USchool but also in her family’s hometown of Přeštice, Czechia where she volunteered at a summer camp to help teach children English. 

Recognized for her academic excellence and service, Madison is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Pinnacle Award, Harvard Book Award, Citizen Scholar Award, Congrès Supérieur Award, and Head of School Honor Roll. She was also named a National Merit Commended Scholar, Outstanding English Scholar, Commended Spanish Scholar, and AP Scholar with Distinction. 

As she closes her chapter as a Shark and prepares for her new journey as a student at Dartmouth College, Madison will miss her friends, teachers, and the familiarity of being at USchool. She will always cherish the memories and experiences shared with friends in the classroom and when traveling for class trips and competitions. Madison plans to find a career that will bring excitement and establish a healthy work/life balance. Ultimately, she hopes to continue helping those around her in any way she can and feels proud of the person she has become. 

Q&A with Madison: 

NSU’s Core Values are Academic Excellence, Student Centered, Integrity, Innovation, Opportunity, Scholarship/Research, Diversity, and Community. Which value resonates most with you and how have you embodied it? 

The value of opportunity most resonates with me. During my time at USchool, I have taken advantage of as many extracurricular and academic opportunities as I could from joining clubs and trying out sports to creating an organization when I thought our school could benefit from it. With USchool’s experiential learning opportunities, I was able to participate in two internships last year to learn about different medical and scientific research fields. 

Share a fun fact about yourself that most people do not know. 

I love cooking new foods. During quarantine, I tried a ton of recipes with my greatest accomplishment being a 30-layer crepe cake made from scratch. I also love baking blueberry banana bread and sharing it with my family when I visit them in Czech. I found a recipe online and experimented with it until I created my favorite version. 

What factors outside of school have shaped you into the person you are today? 

My mom helped instill my determination and need for adventure. Leading by example, my dad taught me my most valuable lessons about kindness, appreciation, life priorities, and self-worth. Although I am still learning how to embody these values, my parents and brothers showed me that taking risks and failing is a part of life. 

What are the top three reasons you love USchool and being a part of the Shark family? 

I love USchool because we are a tight-knit community. I do not believe it is common in other high schools to be able to see your third grade teacher and remember the great times you shared, as I can do here. Another perk of being a USchool lifer is the ability to say that I have known my best friends for 14 years and have formed connections too strong to break. My third reason is that I have always felt safe to try new things and express myself. I have made so many memories at USchool because of the comfortable environment. 

What makes the USchool experience special? 

The emphasis on each person as an individual. Everyone is seen as an important part of the community and is encouraged to spread their wings. There are many resources to help students reach their full potential and try new things, which makes each student at USchool extremely lucky. 

Any words of wisdom you would like to offer to younger, fellow USchool students? 

Use your time at USchool to do what you love while exploring your interests and experimenting. It is up to you to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities available. Make sure to also balance your academic and social/extracurricular life as mental health is incredibly important. 

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