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What should campers wear to camp?

Please send campers in weather appropriate, "play" clothes each day. Closed toe athletic style shoes are preferable. Flip-flops are only permitted in the pool area. During field trip days, campers are to wear their Camp Nova t-shirt.

What should the campers bring to camp?

All campers must have a backpack or camp tote bag to carry their sunscreen, fresh towel daily, bug repellent, bathing suits, and daily clothes (if wearing their bathing suit to camp). PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS IN PERMANENT MARKER WITH YOUR CHILD’S FIRST AND LAST NAME. Lost and found items will be put on a table in the Lower School lobby.

What should campers keep at home?

Please keep expensive items such as jewelry and electronics or dangerous items like fireworks, lighters, or other inappropriate items at home. These items will be retrieved by a counselor and given to the parents at the end of the day. Neither Camp Nova nor the counselors will be responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

Are lunch and snack included in the tuition?

Lunch and snack are included in each camper’s tuition. Camp Nova provides lunch and snack daily. If you decide to pack your child’s lunch, please pack it in an insulated bag, as there is no space to refrigerate lunches and campers will not have access to a microwave. PLEASE LABEL ALL LUNCHBAGS AND ITEMS IN PERMANENT MARKER WITH YOUR CHILD’S FIRST AND LAST NAME.

Can my child be in the Summer Scholars program and still participate in Shark/Minnow Camp?

Definitely! Since our Summer Scholars program takes place during the first half of the day, students can also enroll in Camp Nova for the remainder of the afternoon. This option would involve an additional fee of $200 per week, which includes lunch.

Who will supervise the campers?

Each group will be supervised by one Senior Counselor, a Junior Counselor, and in some cases a CIT (Counselor in Training). Senior Counselors are at least 18 years of age and have passed a level II background check. Junior Counselors are college and/or high school students chosen based on their educational backgrounds and their experience in working with children. CIT’s must have completed 9th grade and have gone through an application and interview process with Camp Nova administration.

How can I get in touch with my child’s counselor?

During camp hours, Senior Counselors will not be available to meet. You may email the counselor at lb1039@nova.edu or call the camp business office at 954-262-4528 for assistance.

How are the campers grouped?

Campers in Shark Camp (grades 2-8) are placed in groups with children of the same grade level and gender. Campers in Minnow Camp (kindergarten and grade 1) are placed in co-ed groups with children of the same grade level.

Can my child be in the same group as their friend?

We will do our best to accommodate these requests as long as they are received prior to the start of camp and the children are in similar grades. However, we cannot guarantee that campers will be placed together as classes fill up quickly. We cannot adjust camper groups once the camp session has begun.

What is a typical schedule at Camp Nova like?

The scheduled activities are based on the camper’s group. However, all campers will participate in a variety of activities, sports, and field trips. We have something for everyone!

  • Campers can show off their talents or learn a new skill in dance, cheerleading, martial arts, technology, etc.
  • Swim and enjoy water games/sports at the state-of-the-art aquatics center pool.
  • Run! Jump! Kick! Let’s get physical with our outdoor sports and activities.
  • Let their creativity flow with our arts and crafts projects.
  • Fun Friday Field Trips will always be lots of fun! Terrific Tuesdays have special planned programs such as Scavenger Hunts, Cake Decorating, Halloween in July, and more!
  • Scheduled activities are subject to change without notice due to inclement weather or unforeseen events.
  • How does before and after care work?

    Before Care – Campers must be dropped off at the front circle of the Lower School. A counselor will be available to guide your child into the gymnasium. Campers should not be dropped off before 7:30am as there will not be supervision provided at that time.

    After Care – Parents should pick up kindergarten and first grade campers in the front of the Lower School. Campers in grades 2-8 should be picked up in the back of the Lower School by the parking garage. Campers with siblings should proceed to the pickup location of the youngest child. When picking up for after care, parents must show a picture ID to sign out each child. Remember, only those adults listed on the camper’s registration form can pick up the child. Changes and/or additions to pick-up must be sent via email prior to pick-up time. We cannot make changes over the phone. After care activities vary from structured activities in the gym, outdoor games, board games, computers, sports, and/or arts and crafts.

    What is the late drop-off/early pick-up policy?

    To ensure that all campers are accounted for, campers who are late to camp cannot be dropped off at the front or back of the school. All counselors will be attending the morning assembly and will not be available to walk your child into the building. Campers who arrive late must be walked in by an adult to the front lobby of the Lower School to be signed in.

    If a camper is being picked up early, please remember:

  • If you know that you will be picking up a camper early on a particular day, please send a note to your child’s counselor to allow them enough time to pack up your child’s bags and prepare them for pick up.
  • Parents may also call and notify the Camp Nova office before 1pm at 954-262-4528.
  • Only people listed on the camper’s registration form will be allowed to pick up the camper. Changes and/or additions to pick-up must be sent via email prior to pick-up time. We cannot make changes over the phone.
  • All early dismissals must be done by 2:30pm. Any parent who walks in after that time must wait for regular camp dismissal to pick up their child.
  • What if I am late picking up my camper from camp or aftercare?

    Carpool ends at 3:45pm. If your child is not picked up during regular carpool, they will be placed in an appropriate after care group. You will be billed accordingly. Parents must come to the front lobby to sign their child out of after care. After care pick-up ends at 5:45pm sharp. Any child picked up after 5:45pm will accrue a $1.00 per minute, per child fee.

    Can I get a refund for the days my child cannot attend Camp Nova?

    As stated on the registration form, refunds are not permitted. Camp Nova pays for all fieldtrips, lunches, and activities in advance.

    Do the campers go swimming?

    Campers swim every day at NSU’s state-of-the-art Recreation Center and pool, except on days that field trips are scheduled or there is inclement weather. During inclement weather, we will substitute activities as necessary. Each day, children should wear their swim suit and sunscreen, bring a fresh towel, and carry a tote bag with their belongings.

    Will my child be going on fieldtrips?

    All campers will go on field trips. Camp Nova t-shirts must be worn by campers on designated field trip days. One free t-shirt will be given to each camper. Additional t-shirts may be purchased at the Camp Nova business office.

    What if I don't want my child to attend a field trip?

    If you do not want your child to go on a scheduled field trip, you must notify the counselor and Camp Nova office in writing. The child will have to stay home because all-campers and staff attend the fieldtrips.

    On field trip days, campers will return to camp no later than 3:15pm.

    Water park fieldtrips require campers to wear their camp t-shirts in the water. We suggest campers bring an additional set of clothes to change into on those particular days.

    Scheduled fieldtrips are subject to change without notice due to inclement weather or unforeseen events.

    *Campers who are in Sports Camps do not go on fieldtrips.

    What is Camp Nova’s health policy?

    Our health policy promotes preventative health care. Please continue to help prevent the spread of germs by taking direct responsibility for personal hygiene. That means avoiding unnecessary contact with obviously ill people, and thoroughly covering your mouth and nose with disposable tissues or the inside of the elbow when sneezing or coughing. Be sure to dispose of used tissues properly and encourage family members to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when available.

    It is important to monitor your family’s health and keep your child home from camp if he or she becomes ill with flu-like symptoms. If you suspect you or your child may have the flu, please stay home and contact your health care provider.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that your child may return to school/camp 24 hours after he or she no longer has symptoms or fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine. Symptoms of the flu include:

  • Fever of 100 or higher
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Body aches
  • Chills and fatigue
  • What if my child needs to take medication during camp hours?

    All campers must have an Authorization for Medication & Treatment form on file.

    If your child has severe allergies or conditions that require special attention, please contact us prior to camp to insure we can meet all of your child’s needs and inform the Camp Nova nurse.

    In the event that your child is given medication at home prior to attending camp, please let the Camp Nova counselors know in case the child has a reaction to the medication given.

    All Epi-pens will be kept with the Camp Nova nurse. Epi-pens will be checked out by the camper’s Senior Counselor during off-campus field trips. Don’t forget to pick up your Epi-pens at the end of summer.

    Campers are NOT allowed to keep any medicine (cough drops, Moltrin, etc.) on them during camp hours.

    What happens if my child gets mildly ill while at camp?

    Camp Nova has a licensed nurse on staff for the duration of the camp. A sick camper will be brought to the clinic, located in the Lower School, to receive adequate care and rest. If deemed necessary by the nurse, parents will be notified to pick up their child.

    What is Camp Nova’s behavior policy?

    Camp Nova follows the three strikes policy. The first incident for behavior deemed inappropriate by the directors will result in a verbal reprimand by the counselor and the director, along with a written warning. The second incident for behavior deemed inappropriate by the directors will result in a meeting with the camper and their parents. A third incident for behavior deemed inappropriate by the directors will result in a day suspension (possibly longer) based on the severity of the incident. Final decisions regarding behavior concerns will be made by Camp Nova administration.


    We are excited that you are interested in working with the Camp Nova staff and campers! We take pride in the warm and inclusive atmosphere at Camp Nova fostered by our staff and perpetuated by our campers. We encourage you to visit www.nsujobs.com for a current list of open positions for this coming summer. Available positions will be listed under the department NSU University School.