Naming Opportunities

Naming a building, space, or program at NSU University School is a wonderful way to leave a legacy on our campus and provide support for an important school initiative at the same time. Funds from a naming gift can be designated towards an existing strategic initiative, establish an endowment to help students and faculty, or provide program support, among other opportunities. Below is a listing of all available naming opportunities on the NSU University School campus.

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Brown Sports Center South First Level

Fitness Center$300,000 (Named)
First Floor Lobby$250,000
Athletic Department Suite$100,000
Recreational Plaza (Exterior)$100,000
Athletics Hall of Fame Wall$100,000
Multipurpose Room$100,000
Athletic Training Suite$75,000
Grand Staircase$75,000
Strength Training Room$75,000
Boys Locker Room$75,000
Girls Locker Room$75,000
Conference Room$50,000
Training Area$50,000
Taping and Hydro Room$50,000
Athletic Director's Office$35,000
Coach's Meeting Room$35,000
Hall of Fame Trophy Case (2)$25,000
Laundry Room$15,000
Multipurpose Storage Room$15,000
Fitness Center Storage Room$15,000
Athletic Personnel Office (5)$10,000
Copy Room and Pantry$10,000
Training Area Storage$10,000
Water Fountain Banks (3)$7,500

Dauer Middle School

Science Lab 309$50,000 (Named)
Science Lab 310$50,000 (Named)
Conference Room$50,000
Courtyard$25,000 (Named)
Classroom 303$25,000 (Named)
Classroom 304$25,000 (Named)
Classroom 305$25,000 (Named)
Classroom 306$25,000 (Named)
Front Reception Desk$25,000
TV Production Classroom 307$25,000

AutoNation Center for the Arts

Center Circle$250,000 (Reserved)
Lobby$250,000 (Named)
Auditorium$250,000 (Named)
Welcome Center and Student Lobby$100,000
Speech and Debate Hall of Fame Wall$100,000
Balcony Lobby$100,000 (Named)
Art Gallery$75,000 (Named)
Band Suite$75,000
Choral and Dance Studio$75,000
Grand Staircase$75,000
TV Production Classroom$50,000 (Named)
TV Studio and Control Room$50,000 (Named)
Music Theory and Keyboard Lab$50,000 (Named)
Speech and Debate Suite$50,000 (Named)
Scene Shop$50,000
Wet Art Studio$50,000 (Named)
Dry Art Studio$50,000 (Named)
Costume Design Shop$50,000
Speech and Debate Trophy Wall in Suite$25,000
Multi-Purpose Classroom$25,000 (Named)
Orchestra Pit$25,000 (Named)
Green Room$25,000 (Named)
Stage Piano$25,000 (Named)
Auditorium Control Room$20,000 (Named)
Ticket Box Office$15,000 (Named)
Theater Director's Office$15,000 (Named)
Music Library$10,000
Building Manager's Office$10,000 (Named)
Band Director's Office$10,000
Choral Director's Office$10,000 (Named)
Dance Office$10,000 (Named)
Scene Shop Office$10,000
Speech and Debate Office$10,000 (Named)
TV Studio Office$10,000 (Named)
Art Office$10,000 (Named)
Kilm Room$10,000 (Named)
Stage Right Entrance$10,000 (Named)
Dressing Room A$10,000 (Named)
Dressing Room B$10,000 (Named)
Dressing Room C$10,000 (Named)
Water Fountain Banks (2)$7,500 (2 Named)
Band Practice Rooms (3)$5,000 (3 Named)
Choral Practice Rooms (2)$5,000 (2 Named)
Speech and Debate Practice Room (3)$5,000 (3 Named)
TV Studio Equipment Room$5,000 (Named)
Lower Orchestra Seat (600)$2,500

Sonken Upper School

Shark Circle$100,000 (Named)
Campus Commons$100,000 (Named)
College Counseling and Guidance Office Suite$75,000 (Named)
Sonken Building Commons (patio)$75,000
Dining and Conference Center$75,000
College Counseling and Upper School Conference Room$50,000 (Named)
College Counseling and Guidance Area$50,000 (Named)
Science Labs (3)$50,000 (2 Named)
Associate Head of School Office and Reception$25,000 (Named)
Student Activity Center$25,000
Front Reception Desk$25,000 (Named)
Director's Office$20,000 (Named)
Director of College Counseling's Office$15,000 (Named)
College and Guidance Counselor's Offices (4)$10,000 (1 Named)

Brown Sports Center South Second Level

Sports Arena (Basketball and Volleyball Courts)$1,000,000 (Named)
Sky Bridge Walkway$100,000
Second Floor Lobby$100,000
PA System$25,000
Concession Stand$25,000 (Named)
Boys PE Locker Room$25,000
Girls PE Locker Room$25,000
Scorer's Table$15,000 (Named)
Record Board (4)$10,000
Water Fountain Banks (2)$7,500

Lower School First Floor

Lower School Building Name$5,000,000
Media and Robotics Center$500,000
Bridges Suite$100,000
Playground$100,000 (Named)
Early Childhood Playground$100,000
Lobby$100,000 (Named)
Classroom Wing (Lobby Entrance)$100,000 (Named)
Specials Wing (Lobby Entrance)$100,000 (Named)
Lobby Grand Staircase$75,000
Cafeteria Serving Area$75,000
PE Playground$75,000
Junior Kindergarten Bay$75,000
Kindergarten Bay$75,000
First Grade Bay$75,000
Second Grade Bay$75,000
Music Suite$75,000
Visual Arts Studio$75,000
Early Childhood Classroom Wing$75,000
LS Administration Suite$75,000 (Named)
Palm Tree Courtyard$50,000
Stage$50,000 (Named)
Media Center Instructional Lab$50,000 (Named)
Elevator$50,000 (Named)
Media Center Story Corner$35,000
Administrative Conference Room$25,000 (Named)
Spanish Classroom$25,000 (Named)
Junior Kindergarten Classrooms (5)$25,000 (1 Named)
Kindergarten Classrooms (5)$25,000
First Grade Classrooms (5)$25,000
Second Grade Classrooms (5)$25,000
Nurse's Clinic$25,000 (Named)
Bridges Classrooms (4)$25,000 (1 Named)
Bridges Student Services Suite$25,000 (Named)
Director's Office$20,000 (Named)
Front Receptionist's Desk$20,000 (Named)
Student Store$15,000 (Named)
Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Faculty Office$15,000
Grades 1 and 2 Faculty Office$15,000
Bridges Faculty Development Lounge$15,000
Associate Directors' Offices (3)$10,000 (1 Named)
Development Offices (2)$10,000 (2 Named)
Media Center Circulation Desk$10,000 (Named)
Media Center Office$10,000
Special Programs Office$10,000 (Named)
Athletics/PE Office$10,000 (Named)
Administrative Assistant's Office$10,000

Lower School Second Floor

Mezzanine (Admissions) Lobby$150,000
Science Lab$100,000
Executive Administration Suite$100,000 (Named)
Classroom Wing$100,000
Head of School Suite$75,000 (Named)
Third Grade Main Hallway$75,000
Fourth Grade Main Hallway$75,000
Fifth Grade Main Hallway$75,000
WUTV Media Studio$50,000
Computer Lab$50,000 (Named)
Head of School's Office$50,000 (Named)
Head of School's Advisory Board Conference Room$50,000 (Named)
Admissions Office Suite$50,000 (Named)
Business Office Suite$50,000
Marketing Suite$50,000
Associate Head's Office$25,000 (Named)
Guidance Suite$25,000 (Named)
Media Studio Control room$25,000
Third Grade Classrooms (5)$25,000
Fourth Grade Classrooms (5)$25,000 (1 Named)
Fifth Grade Classrooms (5)$25,000 (4 Named)
UFO/Volunteer Room$25,000 (Named)
Faculty Development Suite and Lounge$20,000
Third Grade Kitchen Area$10,000
Guidance Office$10,000
Admissions Offices (4)$10,000
Director of Parent and Alumni Relations Office$10,000
Director of Development's Office$10,000 (Named)
Water Fountain Banks$7,500

Other Naming Opportunities

Field B$350,000 (Named)
Field A$250,000 (Named)
Baseball Field$100,000 (Named)
Field B Scoreboard$75,000 (Named)
Field A Scoreboard$50,000 (Named)
Field B Concession Stand $50,000
Named Scholarship Endowmentsstarting at $25,000
Parking Garage$1,000,000
The REEF (Center for Robotics, Exploration, Experimentation, and Fabrication)$1,500,000
Aquaculture Atrium at The REEF500,000
Horticulture Hub at The REEF500,000
Robotics and Design Hub at The REEF500,000