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8 Reasons Why Your Child's Education Should Begin in NSU University School's Preschool Program

In our Preschool classrooms, children feel a sense of belonging and joy through personalized instruction, active learning, and exceptional resources—key factors that provide your child with the best start in life. Here are eight reasons why an early start at NSU University School is worth the investment.

The Preschool offers a personalized, well-rounded program and curriculum

Our Preschool teachers understand that every child learns in their own way. As a result, they continually develop instructional approaches to reach every learner in all core subjects. We consider character development to be a cornerstone of our school. Our Preschool students are exposed to activities designed to develop their self-esteem, enhance their self-concept, and foster positive feelings toward learning and the acceptance of others. Cooperation, integrity, determination, responsibility, and respect are some of the principles we value and promote in our character education lessons.

Preschool classrooms focus on inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based teaching is a pedagogical approach that invites students to explore academic content by posing, investigating, and answering questions. This approach puts students’ questions at the center of the curriculum and places just as much value on the component skills of research as it does on knowledge and understanding of content. Lessons are built around an essential question designed to stimulate thought, provoke inquiry, and spark questions.

College preparation begins in Preschool

At NSU University School, academic rigor is age-appropriate and balanced to allow your child to be challenged without sacrificing emotional well-being. Our inquiry-based curriculum embodies college preparatory principles to prepare them for success in school and beyond. Through the design of interdisciplinary thematic units of study, teachers in NSU University School's Preschool program empower students' curiosity, intellectual competencies, and physical growth.

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced

NSU University School is a fully accredited, private school, and as such, our teachers are held to the highest teaching standards. They model innovative teaching methods and understand the importance of continuously developing and refining their own best practices in teaching. More than 75 percent of our faculty members hold advanced degrees. They attend local and national conferences, and collaborate regularly to share learning strategies, which results in an educational experience that is transformative, progressive, and unique.

Our highest achieving graduates started in Preschool

Our Preschool program served as the start for many of our seniors with the highest GPAs and level of involvement in our school. These students, known as our "lifers," have been friends and a support system for each other since the beginning, challenging each other to be excellent students and life-long leaders. One hundred percent of our graduates go on to the finest colleges and universities in the nation. Our most recent graduates have matriculated to University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, University of Florida, California Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, and more.

We develop collaborative opportunities for young learners

Being a preschool through grade 12 school involves numerous opportunities for students from all grade levels to share educational experiences together. Our Preschool students enjoy visits from Middle and Upper School students, other Lower School students, and Nova Southeastern University graduate and doctoral students. Our young learners are inspired by the knowledge, maturity, and interest that our student mentors demonstrate as they serve as positive role models.

Parental involvement is not just welcomed, but very much encouraged

Our Preschool teachers welcome parents to their classrooms to volunteer for lessons, activities, and events. We know that a strong bond between parents and a child's school leads to the greatest success, and for that reason, our Preschool teachers communicate frequently with parents.

Innovation encourages creative and critical thinking

Students in the Preschool program learn how to design, create, and problem-solve through lessons in engineering, robotics, electronics, and coding, working with specially trained teachers. Students are provided with an environment where they can research, create, play, and reflect.

For more information about our Preschool curriculum, click here.

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