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NSU University School teachers are passionate and well-qualified educators who facilitate collaboration, active learning, and personalized instruction in each of their classrooms. They develop deep, enduring connections with their students and support them in the classroom, on stage, and on the athletic fields.

A Personalized Approach

USchool teachers ignite a genuine love of learning within their students and use proven teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs. Our personalized approach and small class sizes ensure that teachers get to know each child’s unique interests, strengths, goals, and learning style. As a result, our students become confident and self-driven, both traits admired in college and beyond.

Committed to Best Practices

NSU University School is a fully accredited, private school, and as such, our teachers are held to the highest teaching standards. They model innovative teaching methods and understand the importance of continuously developing and refining their own best practices in teaching. They pursue advanced degrees, attend local and national conferences, and also collaborate regularly to share learning strategies, which results in an educational experience that is transformative, innovative, and unique.


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Faculty Spotlight

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Melissa Zonis

Beloved Preschool teacher, Melissa Zonis, finds her greatest joy in teaching as she embraces the opportunity to inspire young minds every day. Stepping into her classroom at NSU University School, she sees not just students, but future astronauts, Broadway stars, bestselling authors, veterinarians, and teachers. Zonis fosters connections with her students, believing in each one and nurturing dreams for their future.

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Patricia Mitchell

Patricia Mitchell is a devoted Middle School teacher who makes the world a better place through her unwavering commitment to teaching. Mitchell serendipitously discovered her passion for teaching during her time at Michigan State University. While pursuing a double major in Speech and Language Pathology and Spanish, she simultaneously mentored students at the MSU Spanish Writing Center, and taught Spanish in a K-5 afterschool program. Through these experiences, she uncovered her enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, nurturing growth, and positively influencing her students. Although she has taught across various grade levels, she believes that her genuine calling lies in teaching in the Middle School. Mitchell thrives in the dynamic atmosphere of the Middle School classroom and appreciates the opportunities to cultivate meaningful relationships with her students during this stage of their lives.

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Alison Dolberg

Lower School teacher, Alison Dolberg, has dedicated 32 years to igniting a love for learning in her students at NSU University School. Known for her creativity and enthusiasm, she consistently designs engaging lessons and provides daily hands-on experiences for her students. When students enter Dolberg's classroom, they are warmly greeted and guided through exploration and differentiated instruction to enrich their academic journey.

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Kathy Barberio

Kathy Barberio is a Preschool teacher who has dedicated 35 years to educating students at NSU University School. Barberio believes that her greatest achievement as a teacher is the ability to love all children, playing a pivotal role in their emotional and educational growth. Hearing from former students about how she made a positive difference reinforces the impact of her caring approach. Barberio eagerly anticipates each new school year and creates a child-centered classroom that encourages students to be responsible and competent learners.

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Peter Musso

Peter Musso is a dedicated Upper School teacher who has spent the last 20 years looking at each new day as an opportunity to make a positive impact on his students at NSU University School. What brings him the greatest satisfaction is witnessing his students' development, their ability to achieve their aspirations, and encounter authentic happiness along their educational journey.

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Jenine Mas

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. And no words ring more true for our outstanding Lower School art teacher, Jenine Mas. From as early as she can remember, Mas knew that she wanted to be an educator. As a young child, she dressed up as a teacher for the beloved Career Day, emulating her own fourth grade teacher who was her inspiration and mentor. Summers were spent volunteering in her classroom and assisting on teacher workdays. She gathered an abundance of experience and guidance, and over the years Mas’ love for the classroom grew even deeper. When she started college, there was no question about what she wanted to do with her future… teach. 

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Evan Grosz

Relationships children establish with their parents influence and shape the relationships they form in the future, which proves true for Upper School English teacher Evan Grosz whose decades-long ties with USchool stem from his parents’ longstanding connection to the Nova Southeastern University community. As the son of two beloved teachers, a USchool faculty member for the past 28 years, and now a USchool parent, both education and Shark pride run deep in his family. For most of his life, Grosz felt driven to pursue a career in teaching, having witnessed the happiness his parents experienced in their educator roles and the bonds they formed with students that became family.

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Fanya DeMaria

Fifth grade teacher Fanya DeMaria is a veteran educator who has dedicated 23 years to NSU University School students. A major benefit of teaching at USchool for a little more than two decades has been her ability to forge lifelong bonds with her students and continue working with them as they advance from one level to the next. She appreciates watching them evolve developmentally and witnessing how the knowledge she imparted is used in their everyday lives, paved the way for a specific career path, and attributed to their passions.

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Adrian Walters

Adrian Walters is a valued faculty member at NSU University School whose teaching style allows students to experience success and encourages student involvement. For the past seven years, Mr. Walters has been teaching pre-algebra in the Middle School, using guided visuals and step-by-step instructions to help students better understand mathematical concepts. His start at USchool dates back to 2004 when he worked as a camp counselor and Lower School teacher assistant before transitioning to his current position.

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Sharon Smith

Upper School math teacher Sharon Smith is a long-time member of the NSU University School community. Her immersion into our community first began as the daughter of an NSU alumna and sibling of a USchool graduate. Fast forward to today, Smith has been an advocate of our programs, mission, and students as both a USchool educator for the past 35 years and parent to two Lifers, also known as students who begin their journey at USchool in Preschool and remain with the school for 13+ consecutive years.  

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