Working at NSU University School

NSU University School teachers are passionate and well-qualified educators who facilitate collaboration, active learning, and personalized instruction in each of their classrooms. They develop deep, enduring connections with their students and support them in the classroom, on stage, and on the athletic fields.

Current school job openings can be found online via Nova Southeastern University's job web site at As employees of NSU, faculty and staff receive benefits through the university, which are detailed here. For open camp/summer positions, please see below.

Senior Counselor
This person will demonstrate the ability to supervise a group of 20 -25 school age children. They will also supervise and train junior counselors and counselors in training. Senior counselors will help ensure positive staff morale by monitoring, guiding, leading by example, and sustaining a positive attitude. They should have the willingness to lead and participate in all camp activities with designated campers, oversee all activities with enthusiasm, and demonstrate patience with campers and other staff.

Junior Counselor
This person will ensure that all campers are actively participating in full camp experience. They should provide opportunities for campers, so that each camper has a positive camp experience. Junior Counselors should also be willing to participate in all daily camp activities with enthusiasm.

Specialty Counselor
This candidate should have the ability to design daily activities (lesson plans) with an end product in mind for designated periods throughout the camp season for activities such as: Archery, Arts and Crafts, Cheerleading, Coding, Cooking, Dance, Digital Photography, Innovation, Marine Science, Sports, Tennis, Video Game Design.

For detailed information about any of the positions listed above, please click here and select "NSU University School" for the dropdown for the Center.

A Personalized Approach

USchool teachers ignite a genuine love of learning within their students and use proven teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs. Our personalized approach and small class sizes ensure that teachers get to know each child’s unique interests, strengths, goals, and learning style. As a result, our students become confident and self-driven, both traits admired in college and beyond.

Committed to Best Practices

NSU University School is a fully accredited, private school, and as such, our teachers are held to the highest teaching standards. They model innovative teaching methods and understand the importance of continuously developing and refining their own best practices in teaching. They also collaborate regularly to share learning strategies, which results in an educational experience that is transformative, innovative, and unique.